The Data Records and User Management System (DRUMS) is a system for managing student information that has been developed by BC First Nations schools.  It is used to meet individual school record-keeping and reporting needs and to inform programming at the local and collective levels.  FNSA and FNESC provide ongoing DRUMS training opportunities.

DRUMS was designed by First Nations schools in order to meet individual school needs, to inform programming at the local and collective levels, and to support reporting to communities and parents.

Did you know…

Each year, First Nations need to fulfill this important BCTEA requirement:

“make an aggregate outcome report on school performance available to parents of students attending a First Nations School.”

FNESC and FNSA use the data from DRUMS to make each community a pre-populated report for sharing with parents.  If you have questions about this reporting requirement, please contact the FNSA.


Call toll-free 1-844-367-9625 or email drums@fnesc.ca