IMAGE friendsprograms-vertical_2015BC FRIENDS is a school-based anxiety prevention and resilience building program.  The First Nations Schools Association and First Nations Education Steering Committee, with support from the First Nations Health Authority, have made FRIENDS training available to First Nations schools since 2006.

FRIENDS benefits all students by increasing their level of self-esteem and reducing their feelings of worry and depression.

Many BC First Nations school representatives have participated in the training.

Who is FRIENDS for?

In BC, FRIENDS is delivered in schools as a prevention and early intervention program that focuses on increasing the emotional health of all children. It is available to students at three developmentally significant stages.


FRIENDS for LIFE (Gr. 4-5)

My FRIENDS Youth (Gr. 6-7)

Learn more about the FRIENDS Program in BC Schools.

Parent Resources

With FRIENDS materials, schools and parent groups can easily hold a workshop on building children’s resilience and reducing anxiety (a ready-made First Nations Parents’ Club activity!). We invite you to also check out the online BC FRIENDS Parent Program.  There is also an information sheet to share with parents to reinforce the key ideas of FRIENDS.


Feedback from principals and teachers about FRIENDS is very welcome.  You are welcome to contact BC FRIENDS directly or to Contact Us.