About the FNSA and Language and Culture Initiatives

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First Nations have continually promoted a focus on First Nations languages, cultures, traditions, and current realities, understanding the importance of First Nations students having a positive sense of self-identity, the need for more widespread awareness of First Nations concerns and circumstances, and the important role of education in revitalizing and transmitting First Nations languages and cultures.

First Nations Language and Culture Planning for First Nations Schools

In the past year, an FNSA Language Focus Group created a Strategic Plan for First Nations Languages, outlining priority work to support communities and schools with language education programs. The framework will now serve as a guide for effectively directing resources to areas of greatest need, such as continuing to identify First Nations languages essential learning outcomes and providing professional development support for First Nations language teachers.

Community Language Education Planning Guide

The First Nations Languages Subcommittee and the FNSA Language Focus Group have collaborated in the design and creation of a Community Language Education Planning Workbook. The intention of the workbook is to provide First Nations communities and schools with a framework and key information for completing First Nations language education planning. The workbook will provide practical tools in a very user-friendly format and will be ready for distribution soon..


First Nations schools can access the services of Languages Coach, Lillian Gogag, a Gitskan woman with a great deal of experience working in First Nations schools and in support of First Nation languages. For availability, please contact at liliang@fnesc.ca or Kirsten Baker-Williams at kbaker@fnesc.ca

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