Club Membership and Contact Update

To register or continue as a club member, please update your Club Membership using this form:
Club Contact Form 2019-2020

To make contact with a local club, please contact us for the information.

Who can join?

Any group of First Nations parents based in British Columbia can register with the First Nations Parents Club. For example, local Clubs may include a group of parents from a particular First Nations community, First Nations parents associated with a specific school (either First Nations school, public school or independent school), parents who are enrolled in a First Nations controlled adult education program, First Nations parents who live in a particular town or city.

How can we join?

To join the First Nations Parents Club, just complete the club contact form above. All that is required to start is a person who is willing to take responsibility for registering the Club and organizing meetings. Parents Clubs can be structured in any way that meets your needs. Most Clubs are informal. They often involve regular opportunities for First Nations parents to get together and share their support and ideas. Some of the Clubs hold meetings focused on particular themes, inviting guest speakers whenever possible to provide information on topics of interest. Some Clubs also occasionally make field trips, to places such as post-secondary institutes or educational toy stores.

Many Clubs have started small and have grown over time. Some Clubs have begun with only 2 or 3 members and they have expanded as other parents have become involved. If you are uncertain how many parents will join, feel free to estimate that number to begin with. Then just drop us a note as your Club grows to let us know that you require additional resources. There is no minimum or maximum number of parents for enrolment but the estimated number helps us to establish how many newsletters, calendars etc. to print. ¬†Read more…

What are the benefits of joining?

Once registered, local Parents Clubs receive a variety of materials. Each Club receives regular newsletters that share tips related to home-learning activities, nutrition, physical fitness, and school involvement. Every January, registered Clubs also receive copies of a specially designed First Nations Parents Club calendar. In addition, Parents Clubs are provided with a variety of incentive prizes, including mugs, vests, t-shirts, and books. The FNSA and FNESC also strive to organize special events for Parents Club members, including workshops on important parenting issues as well as a bi-annual Parents Club Conference. Travel costs for attendance at those events are paid for selected members of registered Parents Clubs.

Each September, your Club will be sent a short form asking you to confirm your contact information and the number of parents involved. This form will allow us to continue providing materials and prizes as effectively as possible.

Are there grant opportunities for Clubs?

First Nations Parent Clubs may be eligible to apply for a First Nations Parents Club Grant.

Eligibility pends on application approval, and includes confirmed association of the Parents Club with a BC First Nations Band or a First Nations school.

First Nations Parent Clubs can use the grant funds for select resources and activities participating parents such as parent evenings, guest speakers and parent/school luncheons.

Eligible clubs will be sent application details.