Designed for teachers in British Columbia, this resource is grounded in the view that increased student success can be achieved through adjustments in pedagogy and approach that make mathematics feel more inclusive and engaging.

Math First Peoples Teacher Resource Guide, Elementary & Secondary (Updated 2020) was developed by the First Nations Education Steering Committee and First Nations Schools Association. We welcome your feedback on our resources.




Introduction: Goals and Rationale for this Guide  
Supporting Teacher Professional Learning and Reflection


Key Principles and Concepts 
First Peoples Principles of Learning
Aspects of Indigenous Knowledge
Culturally Inclusive Mathematics and Indigenous Knowledge
Choosing and Developing Local Indigenous Teaching & Learning Resources

Connecting with Community 
Considerations for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Guest Speakers
Learning from the Local First Nations Community

Using the Multi-Grade Thematic Units: Organization, Features, & Curriculum Connections 

Multi-Grade Thematic Units

Contemporary Cultural Artefacts 
Mini-Unit: Bentwood Boxes
Mini-Unit: Button Blankets
Mini-Unit: Weaving
Mini-Unit: Coast Salish Wool Weaving
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Ceremony and Storytelling  
Mini-Unit: Masks
Mini-Unit: Drums
Mini-Unit: Poles
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“Space” and the Cosmos 
Mini-Unit: Inside the Box
Mini-Unit: Raven Transforms
Mini-Unit: Outside the Box – Graphing the Constellations
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Sustenance from the Land 
Mini-Unit: Wayfinding – A Map of Home
Mini-Unit: Wayfinding – Crossing the River
Mini-Unit: Hunting – Cultural Practice and Bow Technology
Mini-Unit: Cooking with Fractions
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The Built Environment  
Mini-Unit: The Longhouse/Bighouse
Mini-Unit: Circle Dwellings
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Sustaining the Land and Water 
Mini-Unit: Statistics and Salmon
Mini-Unit: Water-Keepers I
Mini-Unit: Water-Keepers II
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Mini-Unit: Playing and Learning from Lahal
Mini-Unit: Other Games
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Additional Resources
Classroom Resources
Professional Resources