About the FNSA Get Healthy Stay Healthy Challenge

The First Nations ActNow Get Healthy Stay Healthy Challenge is a project undertaken with funding from the First Nations Health Authority. The focus of the initiative is to promote physical health through daily physical activity and to promote healthy eating through activities that promote awareness of healthy foods.

The project involves an ongoing sharing of information, documents, resources, and support from a Project Coordinator using information and communications technologies (ICTs), including a project web site. Additionally, specific resources and materials to be used by students are shared with participating schools, based upon their identified needs.

Finally, visits to participating schools allow for direct contact between the Project Coordinator and students, teachers, and support staff, which provides for additional encouragement, information sharing, direct instruction, as well as project monitoring.

 Class Activity – What’s for lunch?

When Mr. Wong’s children were going to elementary school, here is the typical lunch he prepared for his daughter Leilan to take to school.
For snack time; granola bar (Nature Valley Nuts N Honey Crunchy bars 46 g) and pure apple juice box 200ml.
For recess; fruit cup (Del Monte Orchard Peach 112.5 g)
For lunch; peanut butter and jam sandwich (2 slices whole wheat bread, Kraft peanut butter with honey, strawberry jam 30 g each), yogurt (Activia 100g) and pure apple juice box 200ml.
For after school; one Kraft Handisnack, Cheese’n Breadsticks 29g.
When deciding what foods to eat, it is a good idea when possible to read the food labels to see how much sugar is contained in the food we are about to eat. This way we can have control over our sugar consumption.
Help Mr. Wong find out how much sugar there is in the lunch he packs for his daughter Leilan.

1. How many grams of sugar are in each of the items in Leilan’s lunch kit?

Nature Valley Nuts N Honey Crunchy bars 46 g –
2 apple juice boxes 200ml –
Del Monte Orchard Peach 112.5 g –
2 slices whole wheat bread, Kraft peanut butter with honey, strawberry jam 30 g each –
Kraft Handisnack, Cheese’n Breadsticks 29g –
*You can substitute the above items with similar products that are more available in your community.

2. How many sugar cubes are contained in the lunch described above or similar lunch? (one sugar cube is equal to 4 grams of sugar)

3. Can you suggest other food items Mr. Wong might put in Leilan’s lunch kit that will reduce the amount of sugar she eats?

What’s For lunch information (Doc)

To be eligible for student prizes, completed worksheets must be received by FNESC by Nov. 18, 2016.
Scan and email completed student worksheet to Get Healthy Stay Healthy Challenge Coordinator, Eric Wong ericw@fnesc.ca or fax worksheets to (604) 925-6097 attention Eric Wong.

For reference only: updated information coming soon

Stay tuned for information about the 2016-17 Get Healthy Stay Healthy Challenge soon to appear on this webpage.