Mr. Wong’s Get Healthy Stay Healthy Journal

January 14-18, 2013

Visited Mrs. Witmer’s Grade 6 class and Mrs. Lisik’s Grade 1 class on Jan. 16th at LAU,WELNEW Tribal School. The Grade 6 students helped me with my push ups and stretch exercise. My results were only 12 push ups in one minute. And when sitting and trying to touch my toes, I’m just over 7 inches from my finger tips to my toes! I should be able to touch my toes, and when you look at the Push Up Chart for Adults, I’m at best “average”! I’m really out of shape. The other results of my “How Fit Are You?” test…

  • I only eat two servings of fruits and vegetables a day. A serving is about ½ a cup. To see how portions are measured, look up the Health Canada website and search What is a food guide serving of vegetables and fruits?
  • When it comes to water, I drink a single glass a day, not including my coffee, juice and pop!
  • My exercise activity level is only 60 minutes each week.
  • I get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, too little sleep and exercise!
  • Breakfast only happens 4 times a week and too often it is a visit to MacDonald’s.
  • I consume too much junk food and pop, sweets and Coke are my favourites.
  • I average two deserts a day and I certainly eat more food than I need to.

Mrs Witmer’s class helping Mr Wong stretch

There is certainly much room for improvement!

How did your class do on their How Fit Are You Survey?

To help your students track their progress, use the attached tracking form.

I also asked the Grade 6 students to help me measure my BMI. Body mass index (BMI) is one factor that you and your health care provider can use to assess your health. It is a quick screening tool for assessing any health risk you might have. It is calculated by measuring your height and weight and inserting those numbers into a BMI calculator found on the internet. I use the calculator at the Canada Diabetes Association website My current BMI as measured by Mrs. Witmer’s class is 29.5, a high enough figure to cause concern, especially given my age at nearly 61.

At this point I would like your students to help me. I have a few questions they can answer. (Worksheet – What can Wong do to get healthy) Send me a collection of your students’ answers and I’ll post a sample of the answers submitted with the student’s name and school on the Get Healthy and Stay Healthy Webpage on the FNSA Website. If you have any photographs and you have the appropriate permission and waiver forms signed, submit the photos and we’ll post a selection on the webpage.

Some news from the FNSA family of schools… At Sts’ailes Community School, Amy Adamson, Jenn Anglehart and Kim Dutton report that last week their Grade 7-8 students completed 500 jumping jacks and have a goal of 100 burpees for this week. The classes are also designing a poster on what makes a healthy family. Looking forward to seeing the results. Ms. MacLeod’s students at Eliza Archie Memorial School reported having great fun in doing their push ups and stretching and they provided a photograph to prove it! I’ll need to get some healthy tips from them! If you have other school reports or photographs, questions, suggestions, ideas from students, send them our way. One last item – please check your mailing address on the attached School Participation List for accuracy as we will be arranging delivery of the Xbox console and games to your school.

Cheers for now, Eric Wong
Coordinator FNSA Get Healthy Stay Healthy Project

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