Teachers matter and the expertise of each school’s teaching staff depends to a large extent on their access to quality professional development. The FNSA strives to support teachers through a number of professional development initiatives designed to meet teachers’ needs.

First Nations school teachers have access to a comprehensive in-school coaching initiative that provides direct support from individuals with expertise in literacy development, First Nations language and culture programming, and the effective implementation of the FNSA School Assessment and Certification Process.

The First Nations Schools Professional Learning Communities are organized to support networking and collaboration for teachers in First Nations schools at a variety of grade cohorts (K4, K5-Grade 1, Grades 2/3, Grades 4/5, Grades 6/7, high school and adult education). Grade group teachers meet face to face twice each year, complemented by teleconferences and webinars.

I am so glad that I joined a PL It has improved my focus and practice this year … I think it greatly benefited my students because we shared resources that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.”

First Nations School Teacher

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