About the Special Education Program

The Special Education Program works to support First Nations schools to provide students high-quality, inclusive education services.  FNESC and the FNSA are also active in research and in policy discussions with the federal government to continue special education support to First Nations schools.

First Nations schools can request services from the FNESC/FNSA Special Education Team.

Toll-free: 1-855-250-5083


SEP Events

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Program Resources

Special Education Reporting

Special Education Program for First Nations Schools in BC 2019-2020 – A Guidebook for Educators and Administrators

This Handbook was prepared by the First Nations Schools Association (FNSA) and First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) to describe the implementation of the Special Education Program (SEP) for First Nations schools in BC. It includes a variety of resources and templates for use by schools.

A Allocation Letter, Special Education Program (SEP) 2019-2020
B Key Dates, Special Education Program 2019-2020
C SEP Handbook for First Nations Schools in BC 2019-2020

A Workplan Instructions, SEP 2019-2020 – workplans due Oct. 4, 2019

A Individual Education Plan (IEP) Guidelines and Process
B Planning Sheets: Teachers
C Planning Sheets: Education Assistants
D Planning Sheets: Parents
E Planning Sheets: Students
F IEP Template and IEP Smart Goal Template

A SEP Additional High Cost Funding Application Instructions 2019-2020
B Parental/Guardian Form, Release of Student Information
C Application Form, Additional High Cost Funding – due Oct. 15, 2019 and Jan. 17, 2020

Educational Psychology Application Instructions and Guidelines
B School Request Form – Educational Psychology Assessment – due Nov. 8 2019
C Student Referral Form – Educational Psychology Assessment
D Parental Consent Form – Educational Psychology Assessment

A Interim Report Instructions – due Feb. 13, 2020

Final Report Instructions – due May 22, 2020

A Second Level Services Application Instructions 2020-2021 – report due June 10, 2020
B School Request Form, SEP Services
C Student Referral Form
D Parental Consent Form – Educational Psychology
E Parental Consent Form – Occupational Therapy
F Parental Consent Form – Speech and Language Pathology