Special Education Program (SEP) Application and Templates

Special Education Program, 2019-2020

SEP Key dates 2019-2020

Second Level Services 2019-2020

Important Due Dates:

2018-2019 2nd Level Services Request    June 12, 2019

SEP Workplan October 4, 2019

SEP Additional High Cost funding   October 15, 2019

Second Call- 2ND Call PSYCH ED  November 8, 2019

Second Call – ADD’L HIGH COST   January 17, 2020

Special Education Interim Report  February 13, 2020 

SEP Final Report  May 22, 2020

2020-2021 2nd Level Services Request   June 10, 2020

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Individual Education Plans Workshop,
FNSA Professional Development

In this online workshop, learn how school teams can support high levels of learning for all students, including those with learning difficulties. The presentation shows the elements of a framework for student success, founded on the premise that teams need to “do whatever it takes” so that children learn. The workshop is led by Madeline Price, who was part of the FNSA/FNESC Special Education team for 15 years.

IEP Forms

IEP Guidelines and Processes

IEP Planning Sheet for Teachers

IEP Planning Sheet for Education Assistants

IEP Planning Sheet for Parents

IEP Planning Sheet for Students

IEP template update 2018

2018 SMART Goal Form