Professional development is at the heart of effective school leadership and instruction, and with that in mind, we are offering a number of professional development workshops designed specifically for First Nation schools staff in BC.

The sessions are being offered by Zoom video-conferencing to ensure the health and safety of schools, communities, and staff members during COVID-19 pandemic.

Oct. 12, 2021The Role of an EA – Supporting Student Success! 3:00-5:00pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 12, 2021DRUMS Standards Based Report Card2:00-4:00pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 13, 2021Best Practices in First Nations Schools for Language Revitalization3:00-4:00pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 13, 2021Record Keeping for Administrative Assistants3:00-4:30pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 14, 2021Adrienne Gear: Getting Started with a Balanced Writing Program3:30-5:00pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 15, 2021Accessing the Dogwood/Adult Dogwood1:00-3:00pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 20, 2021The Late Bloomer: Supporting with Literacy Delays3:00-4:30pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 21, 2021Adrienne Gear: Personal Narrative Writing3:30-5:00pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 26, 2021Foundation Series, Part 1: Fine Motor Skill Development3:00-4:30pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 26, 2021First Nations Language Essentials Level Two: S. T. O. R. Y3:00-5:00pmInformation and Registration
Oct. 28, 2021Adrienne Gear: Nonfiction Writing3:30-5:00pmInformation and Registration
Nov. 4, 2021Adrienne Gear: Story Writing3:30-5:00pmInformation and Registration