Tripartite Communication re: LEAs, targeted funding and transportation funding

16 April 2020

Dear FNESC Board and Education Coordinators,

Please find attached a copy of a tripartite update related to the education of First Nation students attending public and non-First Nation independent schools. The update provides important information for First Nations and First Nation parents in light of the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic. Specific topics covered by the update include:

  1. Engagement, Shared Planning and Shared Decision-Making
  2. Indigenous Education Targeted Funding
  3. Local Education Agreements (LEAs)
  4. Joint First Nation Student Transportations Plans (Joint Plans)

A questions and answers document related to Targeted Funding, LEAs, and Joint Transportation Plans is also attached. If you have further questions, please contact Jan Haugen, Senior Manager, Executive Services and Partnerships, at

Further updates and resources are available at