Edition 2, Suggestions for Continuous Learning

27 April 2020

To further support First Nations schools and First Nations learners during the suspension of in-class instruction, the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) and First Nations Schools Association (FNSA) are pleased to present a second edition of our Suggestions for Continuous Learning document which was initially released on March 27, 2020. This edition features additional ideas for engaging and easy-to-implement remote learning opportunities for students and families with varying access to online platforms, with an emphasis on activities requiring materials students will ideally have at home. Please note this new document does not include all the suggestions from edition one and we recommend you use both editions together.

FNESC and FNSA fully respect the authority of each First Nation to make decisions about the continued operations of their schools and staff during this time.  We also recognize that community and school representatives best understand local needs and circumstances. We anticipate that First Nations will adapt and share this document with their families and students through mechanisms that best suit their particular circumstances.

The following publications are now available on our Continuous Learning webpage.

  • Suggestions for Continuous Learning, Edition 1 (pdf | docx)
  • Suggestions for Continuous Learning, Edition 2 (pdf | docx)
  • Suggestions for Families:  Supporting Learning at Home  (pdf docx)

We welcome any ideas for additional activities or resources.  FNESC staff are also available to assist First Nations school educators and education leaders in discussing remote learning opportunities and how they connect to the curriculum.

Wishing you good health.