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Effective Hiring Practices for BC First Nations Schools (2017)

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This publication provides key information for First Nations schools about employee recruitment practices, employee retention practices, criminal records check and brand implementation. It is a companion publication to Employment Handbook for First Nations Schools. 

While many of the concepts presented have widespread application, some information may be BC-specific.  The information is not intended as legal advice.

Effective Hiring Practices for BC First Nations Schools (2017) was created by the First Nations Education Steering Committee and First Nations Schools Association.

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Examples of the questions addressed in this resource include the following:

A: Employee Recruitment Practices
Why Focus on Effective Recruitment and Hiring Practices?
Striking a Hiring Committee
Defining Criteria
Developing a Job Posting
Reference Checking
Appendix One: Hiring responsibility sample policy
Appendix Two: Questions that can and cannot be asked
Appendix Three: Shortlisting resume screening tool
Appendix Four: Sample teacher interview guide

B: Employee Retention Practices
There is a Widespread Teacher Retention Crisis
The Costs of this Problem Are Significant
Why Do Teachers Leave?
What Can Be Done?
Recognize Exemplary Teachers
Recognize the Importance of Parents
Encourage Teachers To Focus on Their Personal
Go To The Source
A Word About Exit Interviews
And a Word About Principal Retention
Why Do Principals Leave?
What Encourages Principals to Stay?
A Final Word

C: Criminal Record Checks and First Nations Schools

D: First Nations Schools “Brand” – Implementation Manual

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