Seeing, sharing, and learning from one another … what a great opportunity to improve my own teaching skills! – FNSA School Teacher

About First Nations School Professional Learning Communities

The FNSA has embraced the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) model in a comprehensive way, supporting schools in establishing PLCs within their own settings, and also organizing provincial-level PLCs for principals and for grade level groups of teachers.

The initiative promotes a framework for student learning that is results focused and makes collaboration a priority.

PLCs involve First Nations school teachers meeting regularly to identify essential and valued student learning, develop common formative assessments, analyze current levels of achievement, set goals, share strategies, and create lessons to improve results. Such an approach represents truly embedded professional development.

The FNSA coordinates gatherings of schools that are using the model in order to facilitate a sharing of experiences and provide relevant information about PLCs and related instructional strategies.  The FNSA also uses webinars and in-school support to further the PLC efforts.

PLCs are part of the broad range of professional development events for teachers and principals offered by FNSA and FNESC that are designed specifically to reflect the realities of First Nations schools, which include the FNSA annual conference and workshops on a range of topics identified by First Nations schools as priorities.


For more information related to the PLC initiative, please contact the FNSA.