I have definitely grown as a professional school leader with the great support from the Professional Growth Process.

– FNSA School Principal

Effective school leadership is critical for school and student success.  Building on that perspective, a number of activities are implemented on an ongoing basis to help principals of First Nations schools fulfill their vital role.

The First Nations Schools Principals’ Short Course, facilitates learning and networking amongst school leaders.  It takes place every August.

The First Nations schools Professional Growth Process (PGP) provides direct, in‐school assistance for principals that is designed to advance their professional skills and support them to provide effective teacher support and supervision. As a key component of the program, Regional Principals  visit schools throughout the school year to mentor principals and demonstrate supervisory techniques, and they maintain contact through telephone and e‐mail to provide ongoing assistance. The FNSA provides a variety of related  support documents, training and networking opportunities as part of the PGP program.

The First Nations Schools Principals Professional Learning Communities Initiative brings principals together to work in collaborative teams that meet regularly to monitor student achievement data and focus on plans for improvement. 

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Principals, to contact your Regional Principal and access FNSA Professional Growth Process services, contact the FNSA.