All First Nations schools in British Columbia are welcome to apply for membership in the First Nations Schools Association. Member schools have voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting and are invoiced an annual membership fee of $100 plus $1 per student.

Each school has one person (typically the principal) who is the school’s Authorized Representative.  This person has voting privileges at the annual general meeting and is considered a primary school contact. 

A formal letter from the school or governing body on letterhead is needed to change the school Authorized Representative.  Contact the FNSA for details.

Membership Application Form
Do you have a new school or a school that is not yet a member of the FNSA?  Use this form to apply for FNSA Membership.

Associate Membership Application Form
FNSA Associate Members are non-voting individuals and institutions supporting the FNSA.

Proxy Form
This form is used to temporarily give authorized representative privileges, such as a vote at the FNSA Annual General Meeting, to a person other than the authorized representative.