The First Nations Parents Club (FNPC) was established to recognize and support the important role that parents play in their children’s education.

For simplicity, the FNPC uses the term “parents,” but the Club intends the term to be inclusive of grandparents, family members, and other caregivers who contribute to the lives of First Nations children.

Parents Clubs can be structured according to local needs. Most Clubs are informal; they often involve regular opportunities for members to share their support and ideas. Some Clubs hold meetings focused on particular themes, inviting guest speakers to provide information on topics of interest. Clubs may occasionally organize field trips to places such as post-secondary institutions, educational toy stores, or cultural centres.

The First Nations Schools Association and the First Nations Education Steering Committee jointly deliver the First Nations Parents Club, which has approximately 80-member clubs across the province.

See full details in the First Nation Parent Club (FNPC) Overview.


Any group of First Nations parents, caregivers, and guardians who are formally affiliated with a First Nation in British Columbia can register with the First Nations Parents Club. Proposals will be reviewed internally that will ensure that program funding is distributed equally to First Nations Parents Clubs throughout British Columbia.

Program Resources


Please contact for program questions and support.

Related Resources

  • Parents Club Grants registrations for 2021-2022 were due October 31, 2021 and grant applications were due November 15, 2021. Dates for 2022 will be posted when available. To be eligible for the grants, clubs must have a confirmed association with a First Nation community (Band) or First Nations school in British Columbia. For details contact
  • FNESC and FNSA have prepared the following resource, Suggestions for Families: Supporting Learning at Home, to share ideas intended to help families provide learning opportunities for their children. Families are encouraged to adapt these suggestions as they see fit.
  • There are prizes for clubs that send photos and updates. For photos, the adult consent form and student/youth consent forms are required.
  • A new Parent Toolkit has been created to support the importance of parental involvement in education.