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About the First Nations Parents Club

The First Nations Parents Club was created to acknowledge and support the key role of parents in ensuring educational success for their children. It provides parents with information, support, and rewards for their efforts. This initiative involves the organization of locally-based Parents Clubs in First Nations communities in British Columbia.

The First Nations Education Steering Committee and the First Nations Schools Association jointly coordinate the First Nations Parents Club, which has approximately 80 member clubs across the province.

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First Nations schools!  Do you already have a  parent advisory group or PAC? If they sign up with the First Nations Parents Club, not only will they get club resources like the calendar, newsletter and items to use to recognize the efforts of parents, they may also qualify for the annual Parents Club grant to support club activities and guest speakers.

What is your club up to?  Send us an update and we’ll send your club books, board games or other items that you can use to promote your club locally. Email us


Parents Corner In Moricetown

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Reminder: Parents Club Project Grant  final reports due April 12, 2017.

Parents Club Conference

Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for the Parents Club Calendar!  The calendars have now been distributed to all of the clubs.


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Find parent resources for Advocacy, Attendance and Post-Secondary as well as past Parents Conference presentations on the Resources Page…