VANCOUVER, BC_APRIL 29_2014: Chemainus First Nations artist Luke Marston at the Inuit Gallery in Gastown, with his mask piece, raven and the macquette of his bronze sculpture to be installed at Stanley Park.  (Photo by Kim Stallknecht) For book being written by Suzanne Fourniere
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The First Nations Schools Association (FNSA) invites First Nations school educators and administrators to our conference and annual general meeting, where we will explore a wide range of effective practices in classroom instruction, school administration and key areas of professional growth.

Conference registration opens late February, 2017.


$0 FNSA Authorized Representatives (1 per school) – you can check this page for the most current list of FNSA Authorized Representatives. Instructions for updating your representative or assigning a proxy are also available at that link.

$400  Regular Registrants

Call for Workshops

Apply by February 8, 2017

Save the Date / Call for Workshops Flyer

Workshop Proposal Form

Workshops selected for the conference will showcase school-tested practices that will enrich First Nations schools and support student learning and achievement. A variety of topics are invited, including First Nations languages and culture, literacy and numeracy instruction, classroom management, parent and community engagement, new BC curriculum, assessment strategies, new approaches to student learning, First Peoples curriculum, extra-curricular activities, successful governance/school relationships, and more.

To apply, please use the application form above.


2016 Conference Gallery

FNSA April 15 Ks0027Mary Charles Marie Matthew

Featured Speakers, 2017

Todd Whitaker

Todd Whitaker is a leading authority on staff motivation, employee morale, and teacher and principal effectiveness, he has written 30 books, including the best seller, What Great Teachers Do Differently. Other titles include: Shifting The Monkey, Teaching Matters, Great Quotes for Great Educators, Motivating & Inspiring Teachers, and Dealing With Difficult Parents.

Past Conference Resources (2016)

Dr. Joanna Christodoulou’s keynote on Summer Reading: Development, Difficulties, & Interventions, her workshop on Cognitive Neuroscience of Reading: Development and Difficulties, and her workshop on Contributions of Cognitive Neuroscience to Education: Promise, Potential, Pitfalls.  Additional resources are available on her website.

FNESC Curriculum Coordinator Jo-Anne Chrona’s presentation on BC Curricular Changes Info Session for FNSA