About FNSA Classroom Resources

The First Nations Schools Association, the First Nations Education Steering Committee and the BC Ministry of Education have worked in partnership to create and promote the use of important new curricular materials, such as Residential Schools Curriculum, English First Peoples courses, and information about authentic First Peoples texts. There is also a joint commitment to create additional resources to help better inform all students about First Nations issues and realities.

Developed in response to the call by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada for age-appropriate education materials about Indian Residential Schools, these Teacher Resource Guides provide activities and supports for dealing sensitively with the topic of residential schools.

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With our K-9 authentic resource guides,  you will find lesson plans, curriculum connections, assessment resources and suggested texts.

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The Math First Peoples Resource Guide is designed to help teachers of Mathematics 8 and 9 in BC extend their existing practice to incorporate new approaches.

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All of our curriculum resources are founded on the First People’s Principles of Learning, which reflect a respectful and holistic approach to teaching and learning.

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